Final Romance

Final Romance - What is Love? Brian Weis By watching TV we...

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-1 What is Love? Brian Weis
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By watching TV we can discover what relationships are like. Shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother can often provide accurate depictions the types of relationships we see in real life. Sometimes these shows appear very farfetched but the underlying themes are usually very similar to what we encounter in our own lives. They portray many of our assumptions on love in these shows that so many of us believe in and expect to see in the world. In the very first season of Friends, Ross and Rachel are already developing a romantic relationship. The attraction even went back to before the start of the show. There constantly is the sense that they want to be together, but something always gets in the way. In high school it was because he was too shy and awkward, later on it was because of jealousy or pointless fights. At the very end of the series, Rachel is about to leave for Paris. Ross thinks that he lost out on his chance for love, but he is convinced to try to stop her. He goes to her but despite all of his effort, he cannot convince her to stay. When we find out that Rachel got off the plane, we see that they truly are soul mates. Even though they never were able to maintain steady relationship before, we see that they were meant to be together. In Friends, we saw a couple that has been in an on again off again relationship
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Final Romance - What is Love? Brian Weis By watching TV we...

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