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-1 Paper Review Paper owner’s name Brian Weis ___________________ Reviewer’s Name: Brian Weis _____________________ Exchange your rough draft with a partner and analyze it using the bulleted questions in your book (for either question 1 or 3). Each question has a different set of bulleted points to consider, so you will use the questions pertaining to your choice of question. Peer reviewer: Answer the questions associated with your partner’s topic. Paper owner: Attach the answers your peer gives to you to your rough draft and hand it in with the final paper next week. Therefore, you will hand in a final draft, a rough draft, and a paper review analysis of your rough draft (from your peer). You can also add any other drafts you have completed. How to hand in your paper: Clearly identify each different paper (i.e. put rough draft on the draft, paper review on the review, and final draft on the final. This can be hand written at the top of each paper). Make sure your name is on all papers. Staple or paper
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