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Rough Identity

Rough Identity - Brian Weis English 101 Th 4:40-5:55...

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Brian Weis English 101 Th 4:40-5:55 Identity Rough Draft Walking aimlessly around the house, I felt out of place. I was at my first party since coming to college. Looking around the room, I tried to find a single face that I could recognize. It was one of the most nerve racking experiences of I would end up spending the night standing in the corner. I was scared that I wouldn't fit in at all. Thankfully, my brother was there to help me out. It all started one Friday afternoon. There I was in my dorm room with nothing to do. For the last few days, I walked down the halls looking to me anyone. Coming from a small, private school in Illinois, I was at the disadvantage of knowing practically nobody at Arizona State. There was a grand total of six people who came to ASU along with me. However, when I think back to when I started up high school, I knew absolutely nobody my freshman year. Those years in high school went pretty well for me though. Unfortunately the worst year out of those four was my freshman year. It took awhile for me to finally meet the people who ended up being my friends throughout highschool. The first couple weeks of school, I would worry that my freshman year in college would be much like my freshman year in high school. I know that high school
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ended up being a really fun time in my life, but I didn't want to have to wait a year or two for the ball to start rolling. I wanted to start enjoying myself now.
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