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COMMERICIALIZATION OF CHRISTMAS Celeste Alberti The television advertisements always seem to begin a week before Thanksgiving while the sales start the day after. I listen to 92.1, the Christmas Music Cult I like to think of it as, every day at work since November 27 and will continue to do so until I get my Christmas break December 24. Mind you, it’s not by choice, either. The mailbox at home is flooded with red, white, and green advertisements with prices lowering every day. (Not that I’m complaining; $65.92 for a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans that were originally $367, I’ll deck the halls for that.) But my point leads to America decentralizing Christmas’s true purpose and is now creating a popular trend that now has taken a more secular definition. The holidays of good cheer are filled with complaints of traffic, weather, and presents. Even while shopping at Best Buy, I had purchased my brother an iPod (on sale, of course). After I had been rung out, the cashier wished me a “Happy Holiday Shopping Season”. It was
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