HW #4 - Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis HW#4 14733...

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Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis- HW #4 3/27/07 14733- Tues. @ 8am T. Mickey Questions for Critical Thinking 3. As an employee in a matrix-structured work environment, I would experience several distinct advantages and disadvantages due to the unique design of the workplace. In this matrix setting, a structure is ultimately developed that combines functional and product departmentalization and creates dual lines of authority. In other words, the incorporation of functional departmentalization results in like specialists being put together, thus minimizing the number of workers necessary while still allowing the pooling and sharing of specialized resources across a variety of products. On the other hand, the implementation of product departmentalization allows the company to facilitate coordination among specialties to achieve on-time completion and to meet budget targets, while also using the duplication of activities and costs to provide clear responsibility for all activities related to a product. By breaking the ‘unity of command’ concept, I would essentially be given two
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HW #4 - Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis HW#4 14733...

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