Issues of Social Class in American Universities

Issues of Social Class in American Universities - Issues of...

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Issues of Social Class in American Universities Race, gender, sexual, and religious diversity have been prominent issues addressed by most American universities. Unfortunately, most higher education institutions fail to acknowledge issues regarding to the diversity of social classes. Some feel that the issue of class diversity is not important in comparison to the need for racial, gender, sexual, and religious diversity. Walter Benn Michaels of the University of Illinois, Chicago and Adam Howard, the Associate Professor at Antioch College, have made valid attempts at uncovering the issues of social class diversity of colleges in the United States. These authors effectively provide awareness for the need for more social class diversity, but their arguments have certain flaws which affects the overall impact that the articles would have on their audiences. As a professor of English at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Michaels is able to efficiently share his opinions from the point of view of someone who has seen the need for social diversity in a classroom setting. His audience recognizes his credibility, and furthermore is more probable to feel that his argument is valid and there is a need for American universities to begin focusing on issues of class diversity. His article, “Diversity’s False Solace: It’s still the children of the well-off who get in to top colleges,” observes how higher education in today’s society fails to focus on problems dealing with the diversity of class. Michaels argues that the wealthy involved in today’s colleges focus on race based affirmative action, ignoring the problem of economic inequalities. His statement identifies that many people avoid dealing with issues of class structure in American universities. Michaels is correct in feelings that racial based affirmative action serves as a scapegoat in society, as many are making racism seem like the main focus for change. Although racial diversity remains an issue in college admissions, social diversity is in dire need of attention. Each person should be given an opportunity at making something of their life, even if they are not financially prepared for the overwhelming cost of
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higher education. Michaels argues that each person should be given the right to have an equal
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Issues of Social Class in American Universities - Issues of...

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