HW #5 - Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis. HW #5...

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Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis. HW #5 4/10/07 14733- Tues. @ 8am T. Mickey Questions for Critical Thinking 2. Employers put so much emphasis on the interview as a selection device for jobs primarily because it can best help them determine if the person is the right candidate for the job. For example, if someone applies to be the front desk at a popular hotel, management would probably look for someone who not only has the skills necessary for the job, but also a fitting personality (outgoing, talkative, friendly, respectful, etc.). Evidence indicates that interviews are most valuable for “assessing an applicant’s applied mental skills, level of conscientiousness, and interpersonal skills . . . when these qualities are related to job performance, the validity of the interview as a selection device increases and biases decrease” (613). It is also important that the boss and employees get along and are able to work together in a productive manner. Interviews can help guarantee that the manager-employee team will be a good fit. In other words, interviews are important because they are not only used as a “prediction-of-performance” device, but also a tool to find those individuals who best fit with an organization’s culture and
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HW #5 - Allison Anderson [email protected] Dis. HW #5...

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