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Examples 3.2 - Exercises 3.2 Fallacies of Relevance Appeal...

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Exercises 3.2 Fallacies of Relevance Appeal to Force : when the arguer uses potential harm or violence as evidence for their conclusion. (Secretary to boss) I deserve a raise in salary for the coming year. After all, you know how friendly I am with your wife, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to find out what’s been going on between you and that sexpot client of yours. (me to anyone) You know I can easily slash your tires and key the hell out of your car. So, you have to conclude that Arkansas will beat LSU this year. Appeal to Pity : when the arguer offers support of a conclusion that merely evokes pity. (Taxpayer to judge) Your Honor, I admit that I declared thirteen children as dependents on my tax return, even though I have only two. But if you find me guilty of tax evasion, my reputation will be ruined. I’ll probably lose my job, my poor wife will not be able to have the operation that she desperately needs, and my kids will starve. Surely I’m not guilty. Appeal to the People : appealing to people’s desires and hopes to get people to accept a conclusion. (Bandwagon Argument) Of course you want to buy Zing toothpaste. Why, 90 percent of America brushes with Zing. (Appeal to Vanity) The Few, the Proud, the Marines. (Appeal to Snobbery) (mother to child) You want to grow up and be like Popeye, don’t you? So, you should eat your spinach.
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Argument Against the Person ( argumentum ad hominem ) : occurs when, among two arguers, one attacks NOT the other’s argument, but the other him/herself. ( ad hominem abusive) Before he died, poet Alan Ginsberg argued in favor of legalizing pornography. But Ginsberg’s arguments are nothing but trash. Ginsberg was a marijuana-smoking homosexual and a thoroughgoing advocate of the drug culture. William Buckley has argued in favor of legalizing drugs such as cocaine and heroin. But Buckley is just another one of those upper-crust intellectuals who is out of touch with real America. No sensible person should listen to his pseudo-solutions. ( ad hominem
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Examples 3.2 - Exercises 3.2 Fallacies of Relevance Appeal...

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