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Greetings/ Intro Good morning ريخلا ح±بص ²ونلا ح±بص Good evening ريخلا ء±سم ²ونلا ء±سم Peace be upon you (used as a hello) ³كي´ع µ¶سلا µ¶سلا ³كي´ع· Welcome to you (used as a hello) ¶ه¸· ً ¶¹أ ً º» ً ¶¹ا Welcome (used as hello) ±ب¼رم ً ±ب¼رم ً See you later. ء±ق´لا ىلإ Good bye ةم¶سلا ½م How are you? ؟¾±¿لا فيÀ I’m fine, praise be to God. Á´ل د¿لا ريخ» ±Ãأ Thank you. اركش ً You’re welcome. اوÄع ً What is this? / ؟Åذ¹ ±م ؟اذ¹ ±م
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