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Chapter 3 Study Guide - Chapter 3 Study Guide: Laws and...

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Chapter 3 Study Guide: Laws and their Sources 3-1: Introduction Laws can be categorized as either: 1. constitutional law 2. case law 3. statutory law 4. administrative rules and regulations Most disputes are controlled by either federal or state law. Although the substance of both differs, the sources of law are similar. Sources of Law : places where laws are found: 1. constitutions a. Federal: U.S. Constitution b. State: State Constitution 2. statutory a. Federal: U.S. Codes b. State: State Codes or Statutes 3. case law a. Federal: Federal Cases (U.S. Supreme Ct. and U.S. Ct. of Appeals) b. State: State Cases (State Supreme Ct. and State Appellate Ct.) 4. administrative law 3-2: Constitutional Law The federal government and each state have constitutions : -documents whose primary purpose is to establish the gov’t and define its functions and obligations in relationship to the people The Federal Constitution Drafted in 1787, Ratified by 1790 Articles I, II, III: established and defined various departments of the Federal gov’t Article IV: described role of Federal gov’t vis-à-vis that of the states The modern day constitution has: -7 base articles -27 amendments (Look for them in appendix I) 2 functions of the U.S. Constitution -established the power and limits of federal gov’t to make other laws -various rules or “laws”
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Chapter 3 Study Guide - Chapter 3 Study Guide: Laws and...

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