Unit 1 Notes - Soc 210- Unit 1 Notes Schaefer Chapter One...

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Schaefer Chapter One What is a Subordinate Group? 1. Minority Group : subordinates whose members have significantly less control over their lives than members of a dominant/majority group a.) In soc., minority=subordinate; majority=dominant b.) Experience narrowing of opportunities c.) 5 characteristics of minorities a. Unequal treatment : Prejudice, discrimination, segregation, extermination b. Physical/cultural characteristics distinguish them from dominant group; arbitrary standards developed by majority in each society c. Involuntary membership : ppl. born into group d. Awareness of Subordination : group solidarity, “us vs. them” e. In-Group marriage Types of Subordinate Groups 4 criteria for classifying minorities: 1. Racial Groups: minorities and corresponding majorities socially set apart b/c of obvious physical differences a. physical differences much more important than cultural b. subject to change over time 2. Ethnic Groups: set apart from others b/c of national origin or distinct cultural patterns a. Cultural traits definite, race indefinite b. W.E.B. Du Bois’ passage: “Listen to Our Voices” )1 st black person to earn doctorate from Harvard; later helped organize NAACP 3. Religious Groups : (other than dominant faith) a. In US, dominant: Protestant; largest minority: Catholic b. Jews excluded, considered Ethnic group 4. Gender Groups a. still considered minority, even though don’t have 4 characteristics 5. Other Subordinate Groups a. age, disabilities, sexual orientation… Does Race Matter? 1. Biological Meaning a. Biological race: based on false notion of genetically isolated human group b. No pure, distinct races c. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) : ratio of person’s mental age to chronological age, multiplied by 100 (100= average and higher) 1.) culture bias
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Unit 1 Notes - Soc 210- Unit 1 Notes Schaefer Chapter One...

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