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AUDITORY OVERVIEW - Hair cells depolarise(voltage decrease...

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Scala vestibuli Cochlear partition Scala tympani Tectorial membrane Organ of Corti Contains hair cells from which the cilia protrude Basilar Membrane Soundwaves AUDITORY OVERVIEW PINNAE AUDITORY CANAL EARDRUM TYMPANIC MEMBRANE Causes bending of Motion ↔ (relative to cilia)of Tectorial membrane COCHLEA Motion of Organ of corti MALLEUS CILLIA Causes Vibration in Vibration transmitted INCUS STAPES OSSICLES Smallest bones in body MIDDLE EAR AIR Separates outer & middle ear OUTER EAR AIR Pushes On the OVAL WINDOW Sets liquid into motion in the composed of Top /midd /bottom INNER EAR LIQUID Motion ↕of Cochlear partition causes
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Unformatted text preview: Hair cells depolarise (voltage decrease) releases neurotransmittor Hair cells hyperpolarize (voltage increase) stops neurotransmittor Fibers from hair cells form AUDITORY NERVE COCHLEAR NUCLEUS (medulla) SUPERIOR OLIVARY NUCLEUS (brain stem) INFERIOR COLLIC ULUS MEDIAL GENICULATE NUCLEUS O N I C M G A1 PRIMARY AUDITORY RECIEVING AREA (temporal lobe) Non primary areas (Still being mapped) SECONDARY AUDITORY CORTEX AUDITORY ASSOCIATION CORTEX Synapse in Amplify vibration through concentration on the small stapes through lever action enabling the vibration to be transmitted from air to liquid...
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