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CUTANEOUS SENSES - temperatur e Intense pressure extreme...

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CUTANEOUS SENSES TYPES OF RECEPTORS Mechanoreceptors (Tactile info) Thermoreceptors Nociceptors Types Merkel Receptor SA1 Meissner Corpuscle RA1 Ruffini Cylinder SA2 Pacinian Corpuscle RA2 Warm fiber Cold Fiber Responds to Flutter/details When stimulus Present Little decrease in firing rate Slowly adapting SA fibers Pressure- slow pushing Burst of firing at beginning of stimuli Rapidly adapting RA fibers Stretching When stim present Little decrease in rate SA fibers Rapid vibration With burst of firing at beginning of stim RA fibers Increases in temperature Decreases
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Unformatted text preview: temperatur e Intense pressure, extreme temperature, or burning Shape & Location Disk shaped Near border of epidermis/ dermis Flattened cells Dermis just below border Several branches/fibers inside a capsule Layered onion like Capsule Deep in skin intestines etc. Receptiv e fields Small Small Larger Larger SOMATOSENSORY SYSTEM includes PROPRIOCEPTION (Position of limbs) KINESTHESIS (Movement of limbs) CUTANEOUS SENSATION WHICH FEED INTO SKIN Made up of Epidermis (outer)& Dermis (inner)...
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