Lec 5-object recognition(3)

Lec 5-object recognition(3) - Lecture 5- Object recognition...

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Lecture 5- Object recognition (3) Further notes made form chapter 5 of Goldstein Representation of Global Three-Dimensional Structure Where is the three-dimensional structure of objects represented in the brain? SCHACHTER ET AL (1995) investigated this question by measuring the PET response that occurs when subjects made judgements as to whether a drawing represented a possible three-dimensional object, or an impossible object. Te PET measurements showed that there was increased activity in the IT cortex fro the possible objects but not for the impossible objects. They therefore concluded that this area of the cortex is involved in constructing representations of three-dimensional structure. Although the impossible drawings did not cause activity in the It cortex, they did cause an increase in activity on the hippocampus, a sub cortical structure that has been shown to respond to novel or unexpected stimuli. Summary of Approaches to Object perception Approach Main Proponents Main Concerns Basic Principles Gestalt Wertheimer Perceptual organisation • Laws of organisation Figure-ground segregation • Wholes and parts • Figure-ground Computational Marr Perceiving objects in real- • Basic features world setting • Taking into account natural constraints in the environment • Primal sketch • 2 1/2 -D Sketch Feature integration Treisman Early feature extraction • Basic features theory and processing • Preattentive processing
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Lec 5-object recognition(3) - Lecture 5- Object recognition...

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