Overview of cutaneous senses

Overview of cutaneous senses - other side of body Most...

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Overview of cutaneous senses - anatomy RECEPTORS Nerve fibers Leaving receptors Form peripheral nerves SPINAL CORD Through DORSAL ROOT Up spinal cord 2 pathways MEDIAL LEMNISCAL PATHWAY (large fibers relating to position, proprioception & touch) SPINOTHALMIC PATHWAY (smaller fibers relating Fibers from both pathways cross over to
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Unformatted text preview: other side of body Most fibers synapse in the VENTRAL POSTERIOR NUCLEUS in the THALAMUS The rest synapse in other thalamic nuclei SOMATOSENSORY RECEIVING AREA S1 PARIETAL LOBE SECONDARY SOMATOSENSORY AREA S2 ** SKIN 2 pathways up SPINAL CORD & cross over THALAMUS There is some controversy re: whether Thalamus sends signals directly to S2 ie. not via the S1 Communication between oth...
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