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OVERVIEW OF SENSORY SYSTEMS SYSTEM SOMATOSENSORY VISUAL AUDITORY RECEPTOR SPECIFICITY Mechanoreceptors respond to specific frequencies &types of stimuli eg. stretching (ruffini), Merkel (flutter), Meissner (pressure), Pacian (rapid vibration). Rods & Cones respond to different areas in the visual spectrum, cones in fovea concerned with the centre of visual field i.e. what we are looking at, rods devoted to more peripheral areas. Hairs along the cochlea respond best to certain frequencies, areas near base (stapes end) respond best to high frequencies, areas near apex to low frequencies (Bekesey’s place theory of hearing) DETAIL PERCEPTION SA1 receptors have small receptive fields, More area on somatosensory cortex is devoted to parts of the body with good detail perception e.g. fingers,lips Cones have small receptive fields, More area devoted to fovea on visual cortex RECEPTIVE FIELDS Centre surround early in the system, Feature detectors later in the sysem responding to specific orientations & directions of movement later in the
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