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Reading Questions due April 4 1. What are the Four elements that make up the packgage deal of fatherhood? - The four elements that make up the package deal are fatherhood, marriage, employment, and home ownership. 2. What does “life chances” refer to in this article? What four elements does it capture about men and their lives for Townsend? - In this artice the term “life chances” is used to describe the fact that the ability to obtain goods, living conditions, and life experiences differs between people according to their social position. The four elements which it captures are the real and possible limits to what they can achieve, their subjective perspective that life unfolds by presenting opportunities, the fact that life outcomes depend on both the existence of the
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Unformatted text preview: opportunities and the availability of the resources to take advantage of them, and the notion that social position or class is about consumption or “lifestyle” as well as production or income. 3. What are the influences on a man’s construct of his own fatherhood?- The men construct their own fatherhood based on culture expectations, and in comparison with, imitation of, or reaction against their own fathers. 4. What are the four facets of fatherhood as described here? Which did the men say was most important?- The four facets of fatherhood are emotional closeness, provision, protection, and endowment. The men said that the most important facet is providing for their children...
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