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Reading Questions March 7th

Reading Questions March 7th - The term revolution fits this...

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Reading Questions due March 7 Rd. 11 – Sexual Revolutions by Beth Bailey 1. What does this article focus on ? This article focuses on the sexual revolution that took place in the mid 1900’s. The article mainly focuses on the behaviors of the participants in the study. It also goes into a little bit of detail in the “Kinsey Reports” regarding the truth about many people’s sex lives. 2. Why does Bailey take issue with the notion of revolution in terms of the sexual changes over time? Bailey calls the changes in sexuality a revolution because the changes were almost like a revolt against society’s norms. She also mentions the term evolution, but denies that the sexual change was humans evolving into more sexual beings.
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Unformatted text preview: The term revolution fits this situation well because the young adults in the country were going through a phase at the same time in which they wanted more freedom and this led to a revoltagainst society. 3. What are the elements of the movements over time that led to current behaviors and attitudes? 4. What are the two systems of sexual control on college campuses that existed in the past? How did they affect men and women’s behavior? 5. Who were the revolutionaries that Bailey speaks of in this article. Why are they considered such? 6. What was unique about the Summer of Love? What was the aspect of disrespect that Bailey links to that period of sexual openness?...
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