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Tutorial 4 - 2 A directory tree is a diagrammatic...

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Session 4.1 1. The root directory is the first directory created on a disk by an operating system or formatting utility. 2. A subdirectory is a directory that is subordinate to, and contained within, another directory. 3. The full path is a notation that identifies the exact location of a directory or file on a disk. 4. Windows 2000 is installed in a directory called the SystemRoot folder. 5. An absolute path spells out the full path, and there is no ambiguity as to the location of the directory of file. 6. A relative path always starts from the current drive and directory. 7. The command for creating a directory is MD . 8. The CD command changes the current working directory. 9. The “..” entry in a directory listing refers to the parent directory . 10. You can use the MOVE command to move files to another location. Session 4.2 1. When you copy a file within the same directory, you must give it a new name
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Unformatted text preview: . 2. A directory tree is a diagrammatic representation of the directory structure of a hard disk or diskette. 3. Next to the name of the drive, TREE may display a dot (.) to indicate that the directory tree starts at the current directory. 4. The /D option of the CD command changes your current default drive as well as changing your current working directory folder. 5. If you change to a subdirectory and then want to move one level higher in the directory tree to its parent directory, you can use the command CD. . . 6. The Filename (/F) switch of the TREE command displays the directory tree and lists the filenames in each directory. 7. If you use the ASCII (A) switch, the TREE command substitutes other symbols for the graphics lines....
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Tutorial 4 - 2 A directory tree is a diagrammatic...

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