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holocaust - Unche Ay Saydahmat Holocaust The Holocaust is a...

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Unche Ay Saydahmat Holocaust The Holocaust is a horrible event that has been not only a disgrace in the history of humankind but also as one of the biggest warnings to the future. There is not one part of the modern world that has not heard of the horrible genocide that is the Holocaust. The modern day equivalences such as the genocides in Darfur and in Tibet have been compared to the Holocaust and have used the Holocaust as a reference in order to rally support and to remind people not to repeat history. The graphic novel, Maus, portrays the events of the Holocaust much in the same way as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. They both try to explain the Holocaust in a more personal manner. This approach is good because it makes the story a lot more meaningful. A barrage of facts, dates, and “important people” will be heard and forgotten, but a personal story will be remembered. The Beijing Olympics are being compared to he Olympics that were held in Berlin during the
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