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Primary Source Set Presentation 12 Source: The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection by Pei-Kai Cheng and Michael Lestz Source Set 12: Rape of Najing 17.4-17.5 pg. 324-330 4. I. Source Written a. Anonymous foreign resident of Najing b. December 1937 II. Medium a. Personal letter b. Reprinted in a volume on the, “Rape of Najing” III. Source Addressed a. None stated IV. Viewpoint a. Propaganda from Japanese
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Unformatted text preview: b. Events that occurred after the invasion. V. Events of Source a. Japanese soldiers tearing through the Najing Theological Seminary offices. b. Rounding up of men in camps and marched away. c. Rape reports came in the morning of the 17 th . d. Calls to the Japanese Embassy to report rape cases went unresolved. VI. Opposing Views a. There were no opposing views....
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