Classical Theory Notes 4-18-08

Classical Theory Notes 4-18-08 - o Truth is relative to...

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4/17/08 Mead Self is a social object Emphasis on negotiation of social life / small groups Focus on meanings Social world constantly evolving as a result of interaction o Microinteractionism We are constantly negotiating, usually in small groups Chicago’s Inspiring Milieu o Chicago School of Interactionism o Worked with Cooley, Thomas o Symbolic Interactionism o Dramaturgy o Ethnomethodology o Role Theory Grounded theory: formed from the ground up – not just formed and then applied Emphasis on individualism Difference between signs and symbols o Signs are fixed (e.g. dog growling means dog acting aggressively, smoke coming out of house means fire). Not subject to interpretation o Most other species interact via signs o Acting via symbols, reacting via signs
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Unformatted text preview: o Truth is relative to time and place o Nothing has inherent truth o Humans try to generate shared meanings o Symbols have multiple meanings, meanings can change over time • Mind – a social behavior in itself • Social self o Self doesn’t belong to you o It is created in interactions, it is a social construction o Lies somewhere between you and groups you interact with o Social object o Take on 1 role at a time • Authority is internalized • The generalized “other” – society at large • Ethnomethodologists watch people closely and document interactions • Role theory o You didn’t create roles, you just maintain them o People notice when others step outside their roles...
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Classical Theory Notes 4-18-08 - o Truth is relative to...

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