Elevator Speeches Qs - Elevator Speeches adapted from...

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Elevator Speeches adapted from Elevator Speeches That Leave Them Begging For More by Laurie Hayes and Always On: The Elevator Speech , by Tony Jeary and George Lowe An elevator speech is a short verbal snippet that clearly and memorably introduces you. It highlights your uniqueness and focuses on the benefits you provide. The classic elevator speech is essentially a standard answer, crafted in advance, to the "Who are you and what do you do?" questions. The name comes from the idea that you need something ready to say when you have a chance encounter with someone important on an elevator, and have just 15 to 45 seconds to deliver your message. Imagine. .. you step onto an elevator and there is a lone occupant waiting to travel with you to another floor. You are together for less than a minute, but long enough to make polite conversation. What you don't know is this person is your ideal client. She has a problem you can solve. She cuts through the awkward silence and says, "I see you're attending the networking event as well. What do you do?" Here it is! Your chance to make an impression and secure a new client. After a short stammer, you answer with, "Uh, I'm a coach and a copywriter. I hold a Masters in Business Administration and have been running my own home-based business for ten years." With only a few seconds left, the elevator doors open. She politely responds with a smile, then steps off
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Elevator Speeches Qs - Elevator Speeches adapted from...

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