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Break Up The Monotony Qs - Break Up The Monotony...

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Break Up The Monotony Introducing Variety In Your Delivery by Claudyne Wilder As a presentation consultant, I frequently have people ask me to help them correct a monotone delivery. Looking at their visuals, I notice they have 25 slides of text. Then they tell me that in order to project these slides they deliver the talk in a dark room. Well, no wonder their voices are flat and dull. It would take a miracle for someone standing in a darkened room for an hour, reading through 25 slides of text, to sound, act and look energized and enthusiastic. In this situation, the presentation design and room setup make it impossible for a speaker to be effective. If you want to introduce variety in your delivery, you can start by making sure your slides don't all look and feel the same. Bizarre, inappropriate animations don't count as a change of pace - but appropriate tables, photos, charts and diagrams can vary the pace of the talk in a good way (as opposed to a distracting way) and encourage you to change your voice as well. Even more important, you should interact with the people in their audience. Most of us do not want to be
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Break Up The Monotony Qs - Break Up The Monotony...

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