A MANY COLORED KINGDOM Paper - Peter Place Parrett YM 210...

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Peter Place Parrett YM 210 5/13/2009 A Many Colored Kingdom A Many Colored Kingdom is about multicultural dynamics for spiritual formation. The pages of this book are rich with cultural observation, experiences and valid statements. This books intention was to be an exploration and an experiment. It is exploring culture, diversity, cultural diversity and its effects on spiritual formation. The experimental aspect of this book confronts the compatibility of cultures and the results thereof. This book has a great hook in it right in the beginning: stories. I have yet to meet an individual that does like to partake in some sort of storytelling or listening. After all, isn’t story telling a huge part of who we are, especially when we as individuals converse with other people? We tell stories to each other, we tell jokes, this is how we can relate to one another. There is no doubt that stories are great, they become even better when they are real life happenings. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, S. Steve Kang and Gary A. Parrett freely give their stories about cultural diversity as it is within Christian education and spiritual formation. They give their first hand accounts of what they have experienced, lived through and what they have learned from their own personal encounters. This is just the beginning, this is just so that the reader can get their feet wet and to ready themselves for what awaits them in the remainder of the book.
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A MANY COLORED KINGDOM Paper - Peter Place Parrett YM 210...

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