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DaoConfucSG - The Confucian virtue of humaneness...

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DAOISM AND CONFUSIONISM Dao/Tao: “way” in Chinese; for Daoists, the idea of the way at once describes the dynamic flow of nature and prescribes narualness as a guiding principle in human affairs. Daode jing: Chinese text – The way of virtue I Ching: The Book of Changes ; a divination manual, one of the Five Classics, interpreting the 64 hexagrams. Li: in early Chinese though, the concept of ritual, including propriety in behavior toward others. In Neo-Confucian thought, a second term, represents the different Chinese character, refers to the metaphysical or formal principle or pattern in everything, a coordinate of qi (matter or energy). Mandate of Heaven: the ancient Chinese concept of a divine right to rule that is nevertheless subject to forfeiture if the king is the tyrant. Qi/Chi: Air or ether, regarded as the material component that together with li constitutes all things in the metaphysics of the Neo- Confucian Zhu Xi. Ren:
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Unformatted text preview: The Confucian virtue of humaneness. Taiji/T’ai Chi: the Great Ultimate. Viewed in Song Neo-Confucianism as a macrocosm equivelant to the structure of the human body; also the name of a set of beathing and exercise routines practices by Daoist. Tian: the term for Heaven or God in the first millennium BCE, when Confucius lived; “Tainanmen” means “Gate of Heaven.” Wuwei: non-action; the path of least resistance, of allowing things to run their natural course, preferred by Daoism. Yang: the masculine principle, the complement of yin , this is characterized as aggressive, hard, dry, and bright. Yin: the feminine principle, that is the complement of yang and is characterized as accommodating, soft, moist, and dark. Laozi: less government, the better…Daoism founder. Zhungzi: Dao? Kongfuzi: Confucius Mengzi: good nature with wicked environment (Conf.) Xunzi: human nature – more influential (Conf.)...
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