ZoroastrianismSG - Ahure Mazda (supreme creator god wise...

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Zoroastrianism Study Sheet Towers of Silence What is the reason for Zoroastrianism’s distinctive death practices? What aspects of Zoroastrianism appear to have influenced Judaism, Christianity and Islam? OUTLINE Dualistic religion (religion that postulates two ultimate principles opposing each other and more or less evenly matched – good god and evil devil) Nominally monotheistic religion with dualistic overtones. Developed in Persia (Iran) – state religion of the Sasanians – still in India and Iran
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Unformatted text preview: Ahure Mazda (supreme creator god wise lord) Zarathushtra: priestly and prophetic teacher 17 psalms, called the Gathas, that for part of the sacred book, the Avesta (contains ritual hyms and a work on priestly purity regulations) Five Features of Interest: 1. Ethics: morality is central, both as an ideal and as an achievement 2. Eschatology 3. Evil as a demonic antagonist 4. Dispose of dead to birds of prey in Towers of Silence 5. Historical influence (ie. Judaism, Christianity, Islamic)...
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ZoroastrianismSG - Ahure Mazda (supreme creator god wise...

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