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SikhismSG - SIKHISM STUDY GUIDE Akal Purakh"timeless person...

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SIKHISM STUDY GUIDE Akal Purakh : “timeless person”; a description of or name for God Amrit – Dhari : “nectar-bearers”; full members of the Khalsa, so named because they have sipped amrit, a “nectar of immortality,” as part of their initiation. Gurdwara : a sikh house of worship. Guru : one in the succession of authoritative teachers behinning with Nanak, the eleventh and last of which is the Adi Granth. Guru Granth Sahib : a title of respect for the Adi Granth. Harimandir Sahib : the “honored temple of Hari” at Amritsar; the original name of the building often referred to as the Golden Temple. Japji : a prayer associated with the mul mantra or creedal statement of the first Guru, Nanak, also a regular part of morning prayer. Khalsa : the “special” core of the Sikh community, organized along the lines of a military brotherhood by the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh. Male initiates wear five marks of membership, including unshorn hair covered by a turban. Kirtan
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