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BUDDHISM STUDY GUIDE Bohhisattva : In Theravada, a being who is on the way to enlightenment or buddhahood but has not yet achieved it; In Mahayana, a celestial being who forgoes nirvana in order to save others. Zen (Chan, Koan, Zazen): a traditional centred on the practice of meditation and the teaching that ultimate reality is not expressible in words or logic, but must be grasped through direct intuition. Duhkha : the suffering, psychological as well as physical, that characterizes human life. Lama: “wise teacher”; a title given to advanced teachers as well as the heads of various Tibetan ordination lineages. Mandala : a chart-like representation of cosmic Buddhism that emerged around the first century India and spread first in China and then to Korea and Japan. Nirvana : the state of bliss associated with final enlightenment; nirvana “with remainder” is the highest level possible in this life, and nirvana “without remainder” is the ultimate state. Pure Land
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