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HinduSG - Hinduism Study Sheet Atman the indivudial self...

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Hinduism Study Sheet Atman : the indivudial self, held by Upanishadic and Vedantic thought to be identical with Brahman , the world-soul. avatara: a “descent” or incarnation of a deity in earthly form. Bhagavad Gita : a section of the Mahabharata epic recounting a conversation between Krishna and that warrior Arjuna, in which Krishna explains the nature of God and the human soul. bhakti : loving devotion to a deity seen as a gracious being who enters the world for the benefits of humans. Brahma : a creator of god; not to be confused with Brahman . Brahman : the world-soul, sometimes understood in impersonal terms. Brahmin : a member of the priestly class. darshana : seeing and being seen by the deity in the temple or by a holy teacher; the experience of beholding with faith. dharma : religious and social duty; including both righteousness and faith. guru : a spiritual teacher. karma : action, good or bad, as it is believed to determine the quality of rebirth in future lives. linga
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