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the piano lesson thtr - J. Jordan Bouchard 05/01/2008 The...

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J. Jordan Bouchard 05/01/2008 The Piano Lesson The Piano Lesson is centered around the Charles family who have just one precious possession: a beautiful piano owned by them since the days when they toiled as slaves. They paid dearly in blood, sweat and tears to get this magnificent instrument -- and, in the present day, it becomes a focal point for the family's anger and opposing dreams. The film begins with our antagonist Boy Willie, who with his buddy Lymon , travels to Pittsburgh from Mississippi so that Boy Willie can convince his sister Berniece, the protagonist, to sell the family heirloom: a beautiful hand-carved piano. He wants to buy back the farmland the family’s ancestors originally worked as slaves. But Berniece is stubborn and proceeds to prevent Boy Willie from getting his hands on her half of the piano. What one thinks is simply a family drama of sibling rivalries is actually much more deep and insightful. Wilson presents a teleplay with a history lesson imbedded in the rich dialogue and history. Berniece refuses to give up the piano because it contains the entire history of the family, carefully carved into the edges of the ornate instrument. Although it’s worth a pretty penny, she cannot part
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the piano lesson thtr - J. Jordan Bouchard 05/01/2008 The...

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