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J. Jordan Bouchard 04/28/2008 Intro Theatre A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire is an intense film about passion and relationships. The exposition explains our protagonist, Blanche DuBois , is a fading but still-attractive Southern belle . She lived elegantly in the family homestead, married a man she adored, and pursued a career as an English teacher. But her life fell apart when she discovered that her husband, Allen Grey, was having a homosexual affair. Our film begins with Blanche arriving at the apartment of her sister Stella Kowalski in New Orleans , on Elysian Fields Avenue ; the local transportation she takes to arrive there includes a streetcar route named "Desire". Explaining that her southern plantation has been "lost" due to the "epic fornications" of her ancestors, Blanche is welcomed with some trepidation by Stella, who fears the reaction of her husband Stanley. Blanche explains to them how her supervisor told her she could take time off from her job as an English teacher because of her upset nerves, when in fact, she has been fired for having an affair with a 17-year-old student. This turns out not to be the only seduction she has engaged in—and, along with other problems, has left Laurel to escape. The film’s disturbance
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A Streetcar Named Desire.thtr - J. Jordan Bouchard...

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