Chap 6 basic stuff psych 200

Chap 6 basic stuff psych 200 - ~ usually involve...

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Chap 6 Non experimental designs - each have own specialized purpose and own limitations case studies – provide us with detailed porraits of the experiences of an individual person or group, but whether the findings of specific case studies can be safely generalized to people or groups not smpled is often open to debate. Almost lways be used to inspire or generate new research hypotheses. Single variable studies – sometimes represent complete opposite of case studies. Define this. Focus on a single variable rather than many variables Make use of many participants rather tha a single participant. Do a great job of describing the state of the world at large Do not do a great job at telling us very much about exactly why it is that way Multivariable correlational research designs - archival studies - unobtrusive observational studies - questionnaires - share many strengths of case studies and descriptive studies
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Unformatted text preview: ~ usually involve observations or recollecions of the experiences of people in tier natural environment ~ take us a step closer to undersanding the causes of a phenomenon because they asses the relation between two or more variables. However, bad side: they are typically open to criticisms bsed on potential confounds so researchers must measure and statistically control for confounds but you cant control for every concievalbe confound ever so it is excessively difficult. Study questions page 174: 1. wha specific steps should you take to ensure that case studies are scientific? Whats the difference between a census and a survey? Distinguish between: Person confounds Environmental confounds Operational confounds How do each threaten validity of a research study? Make vocab list for this chapter. Make basic outline....
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Chap 6 basic stuff psych 200 - ~ usually involve...

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