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71 General Oceanography Name______________________ Geology 105 Expedition #6 - Map of the World Yes, I understand that skipping answers will receive negative points on course folder (two or more answers skipped will result in a deduction of -5 points; -10 point penalty will be assessed if more than more than 5 answers are skipped, and a penalty of -20 points will be assessed if the expedition is missing from the folder - yes - you can get negative points!) _____________________________ (your signature) SIGN!!! 1. Introduction Objective: Student will learn about the features of the seafloor . These methods are only a few of the scientific methods that are used to study the seafloor and its features, which cover the majority of the Earth's surface. In addition, students will apply what they have learned to identify the seafloor features off central California. The vast majority of the Earth's surface lies underwater, far under the sea surface. Most of the sea floor lies 4 to 5 kilometers (2.5-3 miles) below the sea surface. The seafloor consists of a combination of flat plains covered with mud, volcanic ridges and isolated volcanoes, deep-sea trenches, submarine canyons and the margins of continents. 2. Thinking about the Earth's Surface Why is it important to know about the shape of the seafloor? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Here is but one example of how scientists are studying the seafloor. How are scientists reinterpreting the biblical legend of Noah's Flood by studying the seafloor beneath the Black Sea? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________
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72 3. Map of the World Here is a reduced version of the Tharp and Heezen map discussed in “Mapping the Deep” reading assignment. As discussed in your book, the map is beautiful and was a major achievement for its time (40 years ago), but suffered from a lack of data and the resulting “imagination” that was required to “connect the dots” between data points.
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exped_mapping - General Oceanography Geology 105 Expedition...

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