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170 General Oceanography Name___________________ Geology 105 Expedition 15 – Supporting the Marine Ecosystem This expedition should take about 75 minutes to complete Not attempting to answer questions on expeditions will result in point deductions on course workbook ( two or more blank answers will result in a deduction of 5 points; a 10 point deduction will be assessed if more than five answers are left blank). Objective: To examine the conditions leading to the abundance and distribution of life in the sea. 1. Introduction - Photosynthesis to Chemosynthesis What is the primary chemical reaction that leads to life, as we know it, on this planet whether on land or in the sea? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ How is this reaction different in photosynthesis versus chemosynthesis? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ What is the biochemical process that allows organisms to use the energy that is bound in carbohydrates produced by the chemical reaction mentioned above? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ What is the main group of organisms that carry out photosynthesis in the ocean and in doing so, generating nearly 70% of the oxygen for our atmosphere? _________________________________________ List several of the critical roles of phytoplankton in enhancing life on our planet _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________
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171 2. Chemosynthesis Which organisms form the base of the food chain at hydrothermal vents? _________________________________________ In this expedition, we will focus our attention on photosynthetic communities that derive their energy, either directly or indirectly, from solar radiation. What is the range of water depths where you might expect to find phytoplankton in the global ocean? __________________________________
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exped_ecosystems_f07 - General Oceanography Geology 105...

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