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PSY113 PIA#3

PSY113 PIA#3 - Title of Research Eating Behavior Among...

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Unformatted text preview: Title of Research: Eating Behavior Among Women with Anorexia Nervosa Researcher’s Name: Robyn Sysko, B. Timothy Walsh. Janet Schebendach, & G. Terrence Wilson Researcher’s signature, if required: ____________________________________________ 1. Briefly describe the research procedure: Women with anorexia nervosa (of two different types) were given a full breakfast thon the morning of test day, depending on their weight, and then were given a strawberry yogurt shake and told that it was their lunch. Before lunch, they were asked questions rating their hunger, fullness, and how much they expected to eat. As they drank their shake they were asked at different increments, how full they felt, etc. When they finished, they were asked more questions, depending on how much they expected to eat compared to how much they actually consumed, and how they felt as a result of how much they consumed in one sitting ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Is this study best described as (check one option and then answer the relevant questions directly below 2....
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