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PSY113 PIA#2

PSY113 PIA#2 - The relationship between the professor and...

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Title of Research: Teaching Evaluations- GREEN Researcher’s Name: Sojattra Seoung Researcher’s signature, if required: ____________________________________________ 1.Briefly describe the research procedure: This was an online survey where a prompt was given and you were asked to determine the relationship and reactions between the student and teacher within the prompt. 2. Is this study best described as (check one option and then answer the relevant questions directly below your choice): CORRELATIONAL? X EXPERIMENTAL? ______ 3. Based upon what you observed, Based upon what you observed, identify two variables that will probably what was an important independent be shown to be correlated in this study. variable in this study?
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Unformatted text preview: The relationship between the professor and the students after this lesson 4. Do you expect a positive or What was an important dependent negative correlation? Why? variable ? I expect a positive correlation or a neutral correlation because each student will react and respond to their comprehension and understanding of this lesson individually. 5. What were the limitations of the research in which you participated and how would you improve upon the procedures used in this study? (For example, were there any potential confounding variables that remained uncontrolled? Explain your answer.) The limitations of this research were that it was online and in the form of a prompt rather than a hands-on actual experience, limiting even more-so the comprehension of the lesson plan....
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  • Spring '08
  • Singh
  • Correlation and dependence, potential confounding variables, important dependent variable, Sojattra Seoung Researcher, Evaluations- GREEN Researcher

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