ARH252 Practice Comparison Botichelli and Raphael

ARH252 Practice Comparison Botichelli and Raphael - Ar t H...

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Unformatted text preview: Ar t H istory 252- P rofessor Onorato Compar ison (PRACT ICE) 4/08 Ar tist: Raphael T i tle: G alatea Date: c. 1513 Medium: Fresco Place: Rome T itle: The Bi rth of Venus Date: c. 1482 Medium: Tempera on Panel Place: Florence Artist: Botticelli These two paintings by Raphael and Botticelli are quite similar but also differ. The Bi rth of Venus by Botticelli is tempera on panel from the 15th century Florence. I t has a sense of naturalism with a landscape background and distinct fine lines in the shape and form of the human figures. The man with his red cloth, matching Venus's red cloth could symbolize a connection, as the other figures are all entwined, with Venus centered in the framing. The pose of her hand and her facial expression are unique to the Florentine painting. As the cherub figure f loats above her head, with a naturalistic form and proper anatomical features; the other figures lack shape. There is not a strong use of shading or shadow and light, the background is dark, allowing the figures to brighten and stand out more. The Galatea is similar to this in its subject being spiritual, and having the same placements of figures as The Birth of Venus. This painting is different though, being a 16th century fresco painting. I ts use of the same red garment helps illuminate the naturalism of the central figure. As the cherub figures again, f loat above. The use of light and shadowing is still missing, with the landscape in the background blending into the color of the figures. Also in the Galatea, Raphael is able to capture the anatomically correct line and shaping of the figures. What is missing? How can I be more specific? What terminology should I focus on? ...
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