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King 1 Jonathon King Shane Oshetski 3 October 2007 “Policing the National Body” vs. Children of Men “Policing the National Body” is an essay written by Jael Silliman describing how divisions of class and race effect criminalization. It relates to Children of Men , an apocalyptic movie about two decades of infertility in the human race, in theme and political references. Silliman explains how issues such as injustice, racism, discrimination, and poverty are all overshadowed by problems of less significance, just as Children of Men shows refugee camps, police beating and arresting immigrants, and even symbolic images of political problems going on today, such as terrorism. Immigrants are the sole targets in the film and the government is trying to control them by getting them all out of Great Britain, similar to how Silliman describes the effects of immigrants in America. However, the largest similarity between the two sources is in reference to government control over population. Anarchy is the effect of the infertility in Children of Men . At the beginning of the movie, the youngest person in the world, eighteen year-old Diego, is murdered, leaving everyone devastated and hopeless. The people are afraid that they will be able to leave behind no descendents when they pass away. Theo, the main character and ex-political activist, is forced back into his old job when a pro-immigration group, known as “the
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King 2 fishes”, led by his ex-wife, Julian, needs him to save the life of the first unborn child in almost two decades. Julian is a white woman, and is trying to protect the pregnant “Kee”, but is assassinated before she can complete the task. The government considers “the fishes” to be terrorists, which is ironic because they are fighting for freedom and equality. It is also ironic because when people typically think of terrorist groups, the first thing to
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ENGcritical analysis - King 1 Jonathon King Shane Oshetski...

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