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Psychology 1001 Dr. Martichuski Test #1A Spring, 2006 1) Which of the following is the definition of psychology discussed in lecture? a. The science of behavior and mental processes b. The study of human nature c. A discipline focused on the interpretation, development, and improvement of human behavior d. All of the above 2) Some of the earliest psychology research, by researchers such as Helmholtz, Wundt and James in the 1800's, primarily studied issues related to a. bloodletting b. exorcism c. sensation, perception and psychophysics d. the origins of knowledge 3) According to the text, the most persistent of psychology's "big issues" is a. mind versus body b. nature versus nurture c. consciousness d. whether or not personality is real 4) If the results of a nationwide survey show a positive correlation between obesity and preference for McDonalds over Burger King, we can conclude that a. McDonalds causes obesity b. Burger King causes obesity c. being obese causes people to prefer mcdonalds d. none of the above 5) The difference between a true experiment and a quasi-experiment is that true experiments a. always allow you to infer causality b. allow you to control any alternative explanations c. involve the random assignment of participants to various groups d. both b and c 6) In an experiment that tests the hypothesis that certain types of food cause depression, the dependent variable would be a. obesity b. depression c. gender d. types of food 7) The purpose of a control group is to a. control the participants b. dictate how participants are assigned to experimental groups c. get demographic information about the participants d. serve as a baseline for what happens when the treatment does not happen 8) There is probably _____ correlation between number of cigarettes smoked and lifespan. a. no correlation b. a positive c. a negative 9) A researcher wants to find out how people respond to natural disasters, so she goes to the area where a natural disaster has struck, and observes the residents’ responses to the disaster. She takes detailed notes about behaviors. This is an example of what type of research? a. a true experiment b. a quasi-experiment
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c. a correlation d. descriptive research 10) All of the following are required for lab research EXCEPT a. telling participants what the basic procedure of the experiment is b. telling participants that deception may be used in the research c. telling participants that they can quit the experiment at any time d. telling participants that their identities will remain confidential 11) The use of the scientific method in Psychology employs all of the following EXCEPT a. introspection b. hypothesis testing c. correlational methods d. experimental methods 12) The false consensus effect describes the tendency for people to a. agree with other people they know
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PracTest - Psychology 1001 Test #1A Dr. Martichuski Spring,...

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