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ELA1ACE Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Objects Mouse- The lab mouse, Algernon, is important to the main character, Charlie, because he relates to him. Algernon shows Charlie’s future and gives him hope. Algernon represents reality, which is a lab experiment on a human being; when Charlie realizes that he resents it. Penny- Before Charlie’s surgery he always carried a rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, and a penny with him. These items symbolize innocence because he believes in such things as good luck and isn’t confident in himself. The Mixer- When the workers at Donner’s Bakery jokingly ask Charlie to work the mixer he does it even better than the worker with that job, which surprises everyone and makes them jealous. The mixer incident proves to Charlie that he is finally able to remember what he learns and that his IQ is getting higher. The mixer also shows irony because it shows he is smarter than his friends and thought that becoming smarter would make him more friends, but instead he lost all his friends at the bakery when he did get smarter.
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