chinavsjapan - Moulder vs. Levy The economic succession of...

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Moulder vs. Levy The economic succession of feudal Japan into a highly industrialized power in the world economy is a one of a kind story that defies the usual path of Third World nations in the industrialization process. This triumph is often compared with the decline of bureaucratic China in the face of Western influence. Moulder and Levy take differing approaches to the analysis of Japan’s economic progression and China’s stagnation when faced with the West. While Moulder and Levy agree that Japan’s industrialization efforts were much more successful than those of China, Moulder argues that external forces were the driving catalyst for Japan’s success and China’s failure. On the other hand, Levy argues that the external forces were equal in China and Japan, hence differences in the social structure of the two nations led to the difference in the industrialization process and Japan’s economic success. Moulder argues that the greater autonomy enjoyed by Japan in the world economy led it follow an industrialization path during the Meiji Restoration (103). He argues that China’s role as a satellite nation of the West, especially Britain, led it to lose its autonomy making it harder to achieve industrialization. China was faced with missionary incidents, heavy, interrelated investment in China, wars and violent conflicts over Chinese territories, foreign control of tariffs, and the tea and opium trade with Britain, which made it difficult to pursue industrialization due
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chinavsjapan - Moulder vs. Levy The economic succession of...

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