The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome - Kettwig 1 Megan Kettwig Essay#2 Why did...

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Kettwig 1 Megan Kettwig Essay #2 – Why did Rome Fall? Do the issues discussed have lessons for today’s society? Western Civilization 10-24-07 From Romulus and Remus to Romulus Augustulus, Rome thrived. It went from being a small agricultural community to an ever-expanding empire, conquering lands all around the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the massive amounts of land they oversaw, the Roman leaders appointed Kings to rule their client states and tribes. This system worked very well. You wouldn’t think it would because Rome was basically using them for their military and to pay taxes, but the kings liked that they could rule directly and Rome ruled them indirectly, so the system thrived, allowing Rome to pursue more and more tribes and client states. This system also increased Rome’s power greatly. Predators thought twice before attacking because of Rome’s available sources of legions and local auxiliary. I guess the first emperors didn’t realize that the system was working well. That, or they wanted more power. They decided to become a territorial empire, an empire in which Rome would control all the land directly. They sent the legions out to guard the borders, and Rome had extensive borders so they were stretched thin. It worked that they were so thinly stretched against small raids, but it did not work against larger attacks. Also, the men in the legions were normally used to roaming around, staying tough and
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The Fall of Rome - Kettwig 1 Megan Kettwig Essay#2 Why did...

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