My Papa's Waltz

My Papa's Waltz - "My Papa's Waltz" Theodore...

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“My Papa’s Waltz” – Theodore Roethke Poems can have many different meanings and interpretations. This poem about a father and a son is no different. When first reading this, my initial thought was negative and how the child was probably being abused, as I processed it though, I came to realize that wasn’t the case at all. “My Papa’s Waltz” is an endearing poem about a young boy that longs for the undivided attention of his working father. The first quatrain sets the tone for the rest of the poem and needs little interpretation. It explains how the father is intoxicated, but the little boy disregards it and clings to his father anyway. The little boy wanted to be with his father and this was the only way it was going to happen. So he seizes the opportunity and goes with it, however uncomfortable the situation is for him. The fact that the author uses the word your, instead of his, to symbolize the father, also points to the fact that it’s not a poem telling about abuse but rather just the relationship between the two because using your rather
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My Papa's Waltz - "My Papa's Waltz" Theodore...

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