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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 The Romans Greeks Hubris pride Miora fate Civic duty had to do whatever was called on them to do. Destiny - The Grandeur of Rome From republic to empire Romans had very personal hubris, they sort of believed in fate, but they believed they could control fate. They believed that a Roman was destined to rule the world. They never considered that they were too far from home when they went to Great Britain. They never ever assumed they were wrong or that others shouldnt bow down and worship them. o The Roman Timeline C. 1500 B.C. Settlement 753 The city C. 500 BC The Republic 133 27 BC the Roman Revolt 27 476 A.D. The Empire west 27 B.C. 1543 A.D the Empire (east) The Great Copy Cats o Claimed to the world that they invented things. o Legneds Romulus and Remus twins raised by wolves Romulus kills Remus and then they name the city Rome Aeneas Trojan war hero, ended up hitting the Italian peninsula and hit the city of Rome. o Truth Etruscans Greeks Latins Itali, Etc Roman Virtues o GENS (clan) eldest male was the leader o FAMILY Paterfamilias father could do whatever he wanted with his family. o Status status, patrician, plebeian, indicated what you would do with your life. o Politics upper class council, two per year, if you didnt make it your status went down. o DUTY Cincinnatus Roman General, guarded a bridge and repelled the invaders o PATRON Client Family Values o Exposure o One Girl, two boys girl used to marry out, and second boy was in hopes that he would be adopted o Education for both o Marriage Distinctions Three levels Forever Marriage with possibility of divorce Lets shack up and then part temporary arrangement o Culture loved the arts and games o Bathing where most business arrangements were made o Dining dinner parties, multi-course banquet, 27 courses, had to eat something at every course Every Roman had a vomitorium Did not bring wives o Conversation was political, gossip, economic, and sometimes governmental decisions were made Status Counts o Patrician if you had history back to 753 B.C. and you could wear a purple stripe on your toga, Thickness of stripe determined how much status you had. GENS had the largest one o Plebeian had status, you were a Roman o Everyone Else Barbaric Tribunes 494 BC o Veto o Stand in senate, not allowed to participate and vote but can veto things...
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