april4 - o eugene o’neill also wrote the “saddest play...

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Dram116 April 4, 2008 REALISM “I don’t want realism, I want magic!” –Blanche Dubois, A Streetcar Named Desire Final Exam: 10 questions from exam 1 and 10 from exam 2 **pick up exams during office hours!! Farce Tragicomedy: serious and potentially tragic plays with happy endings o Ex. A Raisin in the Sun Absurd o life’s irrationality o Martin Esslin: The theatre of the absurd o samuel beckett: happy days, waiting for godot o Eugene Ionesco: The bald soprano Melodrama o Greek word for music—“melos” o characters win or lose in conflict. The endings are clear-cut and extreme. There are no complex and ambiguous resolutions Poetic realism o playboy of the western world – john Millington synge o desire under the elms (myth or social realism?)
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Unformatted text preview: o eugene o’neill: also wrote the “saddest play ever written,” A long days journey into night • Social realism o Clifford odets- waiting for lefty o A doll’s house • Realism and expressionism o Tennessee Williams A glass menagerie o Arthur miller Death of a salesman • Antirealism o Louigi Pirandello Six characters in search of an author o Testing and pushing it, asking is it real or not? • Bertolt Brecht o Huge influence on modern theatre o Alienation effect- mirror opposite of suspending one’s belief o Stripped theatre of its illusion o Changed theatre so there are no limits as to what can be on the stage now **A Dead Man Walking...
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april4 - o eugene o’neill also wrote the “saddest play...

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