A Doll House

A Doll House - • Nora can’t express herself and allow...

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A Doll House deals with social roles—women Pleasantville has similar themes; woman finding herself through her sexuality REALISM is an illusion of reality; the details of the setting, the costuming, and the circumstances of the action we fully realized as to convince audiences that they were listening in on life itself. o realism is a term that is loosely employed as a synonym for “true to life” o in literary history it denotes a style of writing that developed in the mid-19 th century, first in novels by Dickens and Tolstoy o then later with the dramas of Chekhov and Ibsen
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Unformatted text preview: • Nora can’t express herself and allow herself to be who she is • Mid-19 th century o Profound changes in religion, philosophy, psychology, and economics Charles Darwin “On the origins of species by natural selection” Louis Pasteur Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison The Suez Canal Lincoln is assassinated The civil war Transcontinental railway Karl Marx • “the well made play” and the realist movement o The resolution o A discussion o Has the ending of A Doll House ever been changed? YES. •...
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