Literary Argument- Ernest Hemingway

Literary Argument- Ernest Hemingway - Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub...

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Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor Stevenson English 1B 3 December 2005 Ernest Hemingway: The Iceberg Effect Ernest Miller Hemingway was born to Clarence and Grace Hemingway on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois. Clarence was a doctor with a strong passion for the life of an outdoorsman. Most every summer the Hemingway males would leave for Walloon Lake in Michigan. Here Ernest developed a longstanding obsession with rugged individualism. Hemingway had a sister, Marcelline, that was exactly one year older than he, therefore, Grace in a slightly disturbing practice would pair the two siblings as twins. Ernest was often called “my pretty little girl” or “little darling” (Warren 120). Grace insisted on exposing her son to the world’s culture, so she took him to operas and ballets (Warren 40). She was not a woman to be led by a man, for she often humiliated the soft spoken Clarence in public for little or no reason. Grace insisted on owning her own vacation house outside of Chicago for personal use. Clarence later in life committed suicide, and even though Hemingway considered this an act of cowardice, he was quite sure that Grace drove Clarence to take a shot in the head (Young 15).
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Yacoub 2 The most obvious characteristic of Ernest Hemingway is his strong style of writing. Macho sentences lacking any real descriptors are the trademark of this prolific author. The other authors of this time employed lengthy verbosity
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Literary Argument- Ernest Hemingway - Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub...

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