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Energy Crisis Essay

Energy Crisis Essay - Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor...

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Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor Calarco Phil 312 18 January 2008 Should Californians Fix Their Own Mess? Will Californians ever be able to fix their energy problems? It is a tough question to answer due to California having energy problems because of high demand and low supply; therefore, Governor Schwarzenegger has issued to create a $2 billion program for the next three years. This program is to create projects aimed to reduce the high demand of energy, which in the end could save an estimated $5 billion dollars (“Built-in Energy”). If California lessens its demands, it will complete its purpose of this program, which is mainly to eliminate the need for three new power plants. The causes of California’s energy crisis are the high demand in energy, high population in California and the lack of using energy-efficient products. The effects of the problem are a low supply, high price spikes and recurring blackouts. California has had its problems with energy longer than one would think. There have been laws passed for energy usage since the 1980’s, but people have recently noticed in December of 2000 when California had many rolling blackouts and increased energy price spikes. In this following article written by the Cato Institute in 2001, it tells how high price spikes were in late 2000: Supplies have increased and demand is less than expected and spot wholesale electricity prices are now 4.5 cents per kilowatt-hour [in 2001], more than the 3 cents per kilowatt-hour average price in 1998 and ’99, but
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Yacoub 2 less than the 37.2 cents per kilowatt-hour average price during December 2000. (Cato par. 3) There are chances that an energy crisis similar to the one in December 2000 from similarities of high temperatures with the amount of demand for energy which may
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  • Spring '08
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Energy Crisis Essay - Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor...

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