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California Crisis Magazine - and hydropower supplies drop...

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Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor Stevenson English 1B 3 October 2005 Possible Recurring Energy Spikes California has never had as huge of an energy crisis until December 2000; there is a warning that the crisis may come back again. This article is written by Barbara Shook called “Edison Chairman Warns of Another California Power Crisis” from the Oil Daily . This article basically talks about the chairman of Southern California Edison, John Bryson. Bryson spoke at a conference in Houston admitting to raising a “red flag” to warn federal regulators about more rolling blackouts and price spikes: California Energy Commission’s somewhat optimistic forecast calls from a potential recurrence of the 2000-01 events by 2006. The California Independent System Operator is more pessimistic, saying that events could coalesce as early as this coming summer. (Qtd in Shook par.3) Bryson states this because if temperatures are above normal
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Unformatted text preview: and hydropower supplies drop it will cause even more problems. Right now California has made a few new power plants and restored some hydropower reserves to bring Yacoub 2 California out of the 2000 crisis. But because California energy is fixed at the moment, the causes that created the problem still exist. This magazine article is well written giving many facts about the subject. It focuses mainly on Brysons speech in Houston with many of his quotes. Also another thing that makes this article credible is the support and examples it gives. After every fact it has a support for it, and after Brysons comments she gives examples of what it means. Yacoub 3 Works Cited Shook, Barbara. Edison Chairman Warns of Another California Power Crisis. The Oil Daily 13 Feb. 2004. Expanded Academic ASAP . Infotrac. Saddleback College Library. Mission Viejo, CA. 3 Oct 2005 < >....
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California Crisis Magazine - and hydropower supplies drop...

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